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Our Mission

At Max's Farm, our mission is to use our sustainably-grown lavender bundles and cut and dried flowers to inspire, engage and empower the personal growth of others. 

For those of you not familiar with Horticultural Therapy (HT), it's the use of plants and plant care in an institutional setting to achieve therapeutic goals. A nursing home may have an Alzheimer's Garden in their courtyard, or a rehab center may use simple gardening tasks with traumatic brain injury patients, for example.


It has been a long-held dream of Laurie's to bring the benefits of HT out of the medical world and into the backyard of anyone interested.  She developed Garden Therapy, a form of HT, for use in her private coaching practice to help her clients identify and transcend issues that may be blocks to personal growth. Her goal is to make Garden Therapy readily accessible in order to empower as many clients as she can.


We are saddened by the fact that only 20% of all flowers purchased in the U.S. are actually grown here; the other 80% are imported.  Our goal is to help flip those percentages by educating others about the benefits of choosing locally-grown, in-season flowers.  We grow our flowers from seed in soil blocks, choosing carefully those flowers that dry well naturally (without heat or chemicals) and those that self-seed.  By choosing to grow flowers that can also be dried naturally, we are eliminating the waste of tossing un-sold fresh flowers.  We also incorporate "cool flowers" in our offerings to take advantage of the natural growing cycles of hardy annuals.  We use drip irrigation to save water and utilize compostable mulching sheets in our beds.  While no grow operation is perfect, we are pledged to continually improve our practices to do our part to help preserve our natural resources and encourage others to do the same.

Sustainability Practices

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