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Garden Services

We offer a wide array of gardening services for southern Rhode Island residents, all customized to each client's needs.  Whether you're looking for a garden installation that later serves as a weekend oasis to enjoy or a working vegetable garden that you will be working in each day, we can make your gardening visions a reality.  For more information and pricing on these and other services, please contact us directly.

Gourmet CSA
full for 2019!
For those of you unfamiliar with a CSA - it stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Members pay a fee in February or March that covers the upcoming season. In return, they receive weekly shares of the farm's bounty all season long.  For our CSA members, we offer herbs, fresh eggs from our own chickens and lavender while in bloom as well as an array of Max's Farm prepared gourmet items such as pickles, relishes and salsa!
Vegetable Gardens
For those of you who prefer to grow your own, we offer a great jump start.  From old fashioned potagers to fenced plots and raised beds, we can design and install a vegetable garden that's practical, beautiful and a joy for you to use for years to come!
Children's Gardens
Get them started with gardening at an early age with an interactive garden of their own - an outdoor space where they can plant, weed, explore and dig.  All plants used are non-toxic.  Vegetables mixed with flowers, a fort made of peas and beans.....or a garden for enchanted faeries to will keep them enchanted, entertained and educated all season long!
We offer consultations on growing lavender, herbs and vegetables as well as consultations on specialty design for the do-it-yourself types.  
Laurie offers one-one coaching and healing sessions via phone or private appointment, depending on the type of session.
 contact us for more information.
Specialty Gardens
This service allows for the creation of an outdoor space designed with a specfic purpose.  These types of spaces are sacred and very personal.  These gardens include: 


Memorial Gardens - a space that honors past loved ones or pets.


Unity Gardens - a space to hold a wedding, baby shower or other special events. 


Healing Gardens - a space that is just for emotional healing. Healing sessions with Laurie are included in the creation of this garden and a plan for the ongoing use of this space will be created.


Whatever your specific intent, we will create a place to honor those intentions in a beautiful way.

Enabling Gardens
This type of garden is specifically designed for those who love to garden but are having difficulty with the physical aspects of gardening.  We will design a space that will keep you in the garden, but will be better accessible to you through ergonomics, altered tools,  raised beds or other techniques.
Alzheimers Gardens
Alzheimers Gardens are designed around those afflicted and takes into consideration the stage and progression of their disease. Gardens are designed to give the client a sense of peace, a space to relax and commune with nature. The design incorporates calming activities reminiscen of their past and elements to stimulate all of their senses.  Garden paths are circular or oval with landmarks to orient the client.  These spaces tend to be fenced or secure in some way to avoid wandering and include non-toxic plants. If you have a loved one with Alzheimers or dementia who has always loved to garden or spend time in a garden, then this is a service that could improve their quality of life tremendously.
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